Dalvos - always searching for that extra

A lot of people asked me: "Dalvos, what does it mean?"

There is a special story behind the name of our shop DALVOS.COM. It is not really a name of a person we know or admire. There were some standards: it had to be short, easy to pronounce in most languages, simple, ... You know, all the marketing stuff. So we took a game of Scrabble en scrabbled letters together into words. It doens't really has a meaning in our Dutch language, but if I would have to translate into English, it would be Fox of The Lowlands.

And that is what we are, a beautifull fox slinking around the fields, looking for the most beautifull preys to put on our shop.

Who are we ?

Christof is a 'young' fortier who's studied engineering and works as an entrepreneur in retail. He's the fox of the team, continuously searching for elegible products. Already at young age he was fascinated by technology. His father gave him his first home computer, a Tandy TRS 80, at age of 10. Not for playing games, but for programming games an TV Text in Basic 1.0. Not wanting to be a computer nerd, the teenager explored the extensive palate of Belgian beers (his grandparents had a beer delivery service). Flemisch adolescents are expected to live life as a Burgundian: good food & good beer. (Flemish is actually one of the Belgian languages, besides French and German and better known as Belgian Dutch). Dealing his midlife crisis, he wanted a new challenge, combining his two major interests: the evolution of technology and everything that makes life worth living (lovely drinks, fine art, ...). So the idea of a webshop was born, project name: BeXlusive.

Not having enough time to do all the things he want to do, he searched for a partner in crime. Pascal has some more years on the counter and has managed to walk many different roads in his life. He has had different jobs in different countries with different languages. So he's not really a fox, but more like a centipede. He is our practical man. If you write or call us in German, Turkisch or Spanisch, he's the one you'll get on the phone or at the laptop. He's also our product specialist testing all the new technologies from startups before putting them on our website. Besides Dalvos.com he's also the driving force behind our company Dalvos Import, who imports new technologies & ditributes them in Belgium.

Tessa is the youngest of the team and is our creative one. She's in charge of the photoshooting, put text & pictures online. What once was a hobby, now becomes a part of her job. Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator are her toys.

Aurelie is the Hillary besides Christof Clinton: double checking eveything we put online, discussing the designs, and spending hours in the photo studio. She was not supposed to be involved in the project, but Christof was missing the solide fundaments of his wife in the project.

Together with a young group of webbuilders & designers, we are a mixed group of people with one goal: offering high quality products, always related to innovation, technology and handcraft.

Bruges: the ideal hotbed for Dalvos.com


Dalvos' home is right at one of the most beautifull cities of Europe, Bruges. Bruges is, just like Belgian beer, Unesco World heritage. With 10.000 students having their 2nd home here, 8.000.000 tourists visiting the Venice of the North, hunderds of chocolate & beer shops, three city breweries and 3.2 kilometers underground beer piping, you can understand it's the ideal hotbed for a shop like Dalvos.com.

It started as a hobby of the founder Christof, following all the latest technology gadgets and investing in collector items. Besides that there was his love for craft beer and liquors. Wanting to share all that knowledge (absorbed during the years - like good wine) and eager to cruise the internet highway he started Dalvos.com. Creating a group of trendwatchers, marketeers, technicians and creative eyes, developpers & designers - the idea came to reality. 

Luxury is an attitude


Our slogan is 'Luxury is an attitude' meaning our target clients are people searching for products with high standards & exclusivity in number, time or availability.  All of them are top products who make life a little more fun and easier. The gifts you always wanted.

That doesn't mean they all have to be expensive. They're just not in every store around the corner.

So have fun cruising around our shop.



Christof Pipar

Dalvos BVBA - Kustlaan 85 - B8380 Bruges

VAT: BE 0655841942 - IBAN: BE 3631 6381 4246 - BIC/Swift: BBRUBEBB

Mobile +32 478 938 438  Email: christof@dalvos.com