Andy Warhol Sunday B. Mornings editions screen prints

These are fabulous exciting silkscreen screen prints

These are Sunday B. Mornings editions screen prints that are stamped on the verso in blue ink. Published By Sunday B Morning, fill in Your Own Signature. These are in excellent mint condition.


Andy Warhol(1928-1987)

Born Andrew Warhola in 1928, Warhol was a founder and major proponent of the Pop Art movement. He remains one of the most talented and influential artists of the 20th century. Warhol pioneered the development of the process of photo-mechanical silkscreen. Warhol is known for his paintings of commercial and iconic images, from the Campbells Soup can, to portraits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. He created an instantly recognizable style. One of the most highly sort and collected artist in the world.