Specially created for the coffee roasting factory of his wife, HOORENS KOFFIE. with certificate - edition of 500.

Very exclusive artwork

Panamarenko (pseudonym of Henri Van Herwegen, born in Antwerp, 5 February 1940) is a famous artist in Belgian sculpture. He is famous for his work with airplanes as theme. None of them are able to actually leave the ground. He is considered as one of the main Belgian sculptors of the second half of the 20th century.

He died on 14th of december 2019

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Panamarenko studied at the Academy of Antwerp. Before 1968, his art was inspired by Pop Art. Early on he became interested in planes and human powered flights. This interest is also shown in his name, it is supposed to be an acronym for "Pan American Airlines and Company".

Starting in 1970, he developed his first models of imaginary vehicles, planes, balloons or helicopters. Many of his sculptures are modern versions of the myth of Icarus.

In 2003 Panamarenko married the 34 year younger Eveline Hoorens (Hoorens Coffee). At the opening of a large-scale overview exhibition of his work in Brussels in 2005, Panamarenko said he was retiring as an artist. Since then he has his own coffee named Panama Jumbo.

On 24 April 2009, VLM Airlines named one of its Fokker 50 aircraft in his honour.

PANAMA JUMBO, marriage between art and coffee.

Panama Jumbo tells the story of the Hoorens family business. This company from Sint-Maria-Oudenhove was founded by grandfather Joseph Hoorens in 1928, combining cattle trade with coffee-roasting. Driving force in the coffee-roasting part was his daughter Eveline. She graduated as a fashion designer but later went on to work at Coffee Hoorens, where she is now in charge. Her marriage to artist Panamarenko in 2003 caused a lot of changes in the company and the family. Art-loving Eveline plays since then with great flair her role in the art world. She accompanies her husband on exhibitions and other public events. For mother Chantal and father Ronny, names like Pepto Bismo, Archaeopteryx and Umbilly, are no strangers anymore. On the other hand, the family Hoorens integrated Panamarenko successfully in the coffee business, ‘Panama Jumbo’ shows this marriage between art and coffee.

*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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