The Oaked flavor gives an unique experience.

Oaked blond beer

CORNET is a strong blond Belgian beer which is brewed with fresh oak. During the brewing process the master adds oak wood chips. The result is a unique taste experience that maintains the balance between the fruitiness of the yeast and the vanilla sweetness of the wood. The addition of wood chips is inspired by the traditional storage of blond beer in oak barrels. It is a specialty of top fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

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The name:

Theodoor Cornet was, according to the census of 1686, innkeeper, brewer and distiller of the "DE HOORN" inn in Steenhuffel. At request of the city count Theodoor brewed a stock beer. This exclusive beer was kept in oak barrels in the cellars of Diepensteyn Castle. This inspired the brewers and the wood master for the creation of CORNET. 


2014 – World Beer Awards  Gold – Europe’s Best Wood Aged (1st time participating)

2015 – World Beer Awards – Gold – Belgium’s Best Wood Aged

2016 – World Beer Awards – Silver – Belgium’s Best Wood Age

*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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