DeuS, brut des Flandres

The first Belgian champagne beer

Refreshing as an aperitif. And just as full of flavour and rich in aroma as a beer from heaven. That's DeuS (Latin for God). A magnificent symbiosis of brewing a beer and creating a sparkling wine.

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Deus Champagne Beer - a revolutionary taste sensation.

Since 1791 the Bosteels family has owned and operated a brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium (Recently the brewery was acquired by AB InBev). They only brew three beers (Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet and DeuS) but every single one of them is very famous. Through generations of brewing fantastic beers, nothing has approached the elegant perfection of DeuS.

DeuS, or Brut des Flandres, was the first ever Belgian champagne beer, and it was a real revolution when it was introduced to the beer market. It’s a very special beer amongst the wide range of Belgian beers. Its secret lies in the unique brewing process: a combination of the traditional beer brewing methods and techniques for making sparkling wines.

DeuS is brewed with barley and had its first fermentation in Belgium before travelling to France. In  Epernay, in the middle of the French Champagne region, the beer re-ferments in the same way as the famous sparkling champagne wine. This means that the beer stays to re-ferment in the famous champagne cellars for nine months, where they are turned manually every week. This process of the second fermentation and storage is also known as the “Methode Traditionelle”. Everything you know about how champagne is made, is also true for DeuS, except that it’s a beer and not a wine! DeuS is even  presented in bottles similar to those used for the famous champagne house Dom Perignon.







DeuS is a delightful subtle beer, light blond with beautiful little bubbles. It has a mildly sweet floral aroma with small amounts of citrus and ripe fruit. The flowery character is perfectly mirrored in a taste that also sees a return of the ripe fruit aromas. The aftertaste is of a perfect bitterness with a beautifully dry finish. It has an alcohol content of 11.5%.

The Bosteels Brewery pays a lot of attention to the design of their glasses. Think of their iconic Kwak glass! They are right by saying that every beer has its own specific glass to obtain the perfect taste. So, they created the DeuS flute, resembling a champagne glass. It’s stunning to look at and even more to drink from!

This gift box contains 1 bottle (75cl) of DeuS beer and 2 flute glasses.

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