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This Kwak beer is a delicious and strong (ABV 8.4%) amber ale, with a dense and creamy head. It has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with a slightly spicy character. There are some hints of liquorice and caramelized bananas. At the finish you taste a little bitterness.

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Kwak is brewed since 1791 by Brewery Bosteels in Buggenhout, Belgium. The brewery is situated in the center of town in a charming old walled-in courtyard. They only brew three beers, but every single one of them is very famous. Their beer Tripel Karmeliet is generally considered to be one of Belgium’s best triple ales, and their champagne beer Deus is a real successful innovation which combines the best of beer and champagne.  

In 2016, beer giant AB InBev has taken over Bosteels Brewery. With the acquisition, the largest brewer in the world becomes even larger and expands its portfolio of craft beer breweries. Bosteels will continue to operate the brewery as part of AB InBevs craft and speciality division and will remain in its location of Buggenhout.

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Kwak and its special glass

Kwak beer is one of the best known amber beers of Belgium. And not only because of his great taste, but even more due the unique shape of the glass. Kwak is served in a 'Koetsiersglas'(= coachmen’s glass). It has a convex bottom, which sits in a wooden frame. The wooden frame also serves as a handle to pick up the beer. It is very likely the most distinctive beer glass ever seen. The original shape was invented by an innkeeper in the 19th century, Pauwel Kwak was his nickname. Every day, several mail coaches stopped at his inn. But in that time, coachmen were not allowed to leave their coach and horses. That’s why the inventive Pauwel Kwak made this special glass that could be hung on the coach. So the coachman will always have his Kwak to hand in a practical way.

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