+ unique traditional Belgian Kelk

A fantastic gift pack containing three of the Maredsous beers (Blond, Bruin and Tripel) plus a unique traditional Belgian Kelk​

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Maredsous Blond was first brewed in order to quench the monks’ thirst, when they were having lunch after a hard morning's labour. So all is done in moderation. It is slightly-malted Belgian blond, with a zesty fruity taste, and a dry, mildly-hopped finish.

This golden-hued abbey beer could be considered as one of the most traditional of Belgian beers. It has a pedigree that stretches back to before the French Revolution. During that time, many Belgian abbeys ceased to exist, and their associated communities with them. But some – like the Benedicts that founded Maredsous Abbey – survived to be re-established later on. And so the

The Maredsous Blond is not overly bitter, but it has a distinctively hoppy flavour. All of this then culminates into a satisfyingly clear finish. It's a combination that makes the Maredsous Blond a versatile all-rounder.

Light of the abbey beer tradition is part-reflected in the golden glints of this fine beer.

The initial scent is one of honey with a slightly smoky aroma. The taste is beautifully rounded, enhanced by a subtle touch of caramel. So the Maredsous Blond drinks as a near-perfect combination of aroma and taste, where quality hops and malt – and a characterful yeast – greet one another cordially.

It's a superb thirst-quencher that stands out somewhat from the crowd; a great table companion that adds to the enjoyment of a substantial main course; and a solid palate-cleanser for an abbey cheese, or a range of patisseries, to round off the meal. A beer, in other words, that makes friends everywhere.



As far as the monks of Maredsous are concerned, the Maredsous Tripel is a party beer, their ‘nec plus ultra’. This tripel is a tipple that is imbibed on special occasions, standing out thanks to both its intense colour and taste. The in-bottle re-fermentation is largely responsible for the latter, but this high fermentation beer owes its bright amber colour to the use of special caramel malts, without the addition of any coloured sugars.

The complex bouquet immediately grabs you, thanks to its fruity aromas, with touches of banana and zesty orange, alcohol, touches of raisins and other dried fruit. All of this is enriched with a hint of caramel from the caramel malt, which gives a taste not unlike that of sweet syrup.

The fruity esters of banana and orange are typical of the yeast used. The Maredsous Tripel could be said to melt in the mouth, but it yields a slight bitterness in the background. In the finish, the alcohol present in the beer will give a pleasantly warm feeling. A complex, rich degustation beer with a fully-rounded taste that loves to linger.

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