traditional Belgian farm beer

Alcohol : 6%
Color : Light Blond
Fermentation: High
Type : Special beer farm type
Temperature : 5 °C
Formats : 15l keg and 20l one way keg


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*excl. shipping cost depending on country

Waterloo Récolte is a traditional Belgian farm beer, as there is also saisons from Hainaut or the white beers of the Brabant region.

All the ingredients can be found in the fertile fields around Waterloo and in the near future the hops for this beer will be harvested from the brewery’s very own hop field. If you want to taste the result of that innovation, order a fresh Waterloo Récolte at the brand new microbrewery where the beer is brewed.

Waterloo Récolte is a genuinely quaffable beer. Taste the slightly tart touch provided by the wheat, accompanied by malt flavours and a pleasant hop bitterness that never becomes dominant. It is a beer to give you courage for the fight against Napoleon.

*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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