The triple blond is both simple and complex

Allied forces beer

Alcohol : 8%
Color : Blond
Fermentation: High
Type : Triple
Temperature : 4 – 6 °C
Formats : 33cl, 75cl, 15l keg

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Waterloo Triple 7 Blond is a top fermentation beer full of character and a powerful flavor. It has a nice thick head and a fruity aroma, where we can also distinguish the scent of the hops. Its flavor is full and nicely balanced with hints of spices and fruits. It has an alcohol content of 7.5%.
This is a 100% natural craft beer that has its origins in Brasserie du Marche in Waterloo, one of Belgium’s oldest breweries, that has existed since the 15th Century. The legend goes that in 1815, when the allied forces were fighting against Napoleon, they drank this beer because it gave them “strength and courage” for the battle of Waterloo.
Serving temperature: 5-12°C

*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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