"Full speed ahead"               "Yes Sir, Captain"

Authentic old ships telegraph in excellent condition

Get a stunning, original model ship telegraph. Grasp a real spirit of the history with a memorable piece. Great idea to upgrade your interior design. Unique, classic English ship telegraph!

If you're the captain at home, you should have this in your interior. The ship engine telegraph offers something monumental, meaningful and still can really accent your great taste for ancient pieces of interior design.

Sail the ship and commemorate one of the most significant moments of the English ship industry era with the branded A. Robinson & Co. LTD ship telegraph!

•             England, first half 20th century.

•             Dual command levers and working internal bell.

•             16" black dial with bold lettering, marked with A. Robinson & Co. LTD Patentees & Manufacturers Liverpool & Glasgow.

•             All sitting on a tapered cylindrical pedestal.

•             130 cm high - 35 kg heavy.

•             Hard to find in this excellent condition.

•             You can keep the original patina, like it is, or polish it shiny.

€1 499,00 | Buying options

*excl. shipping cost depending on country

Here you can see how it was used (on the picture is not the actual telegraph)

Shipping: within one week (courier delivery, high weight !!)

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€1 499,00
*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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