A coastal gin from one of the premium Belgium producers. One of the world’s best gin options.

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Belgium gin with premium gin bottle. Lure into the perfect taste from a stunning quality product.

The Story

The B1863, a gin made to promote the Belgian coastal city Blankenberge. The B1863 name refers to the year in which the railroad was placed to Blankenberge. That caused an explosion of tourism in the seaside resort. The fishermen scene made place for an international center for tourism. Blankenberge is now one of the most popular coastal cities of Belgium.

Captivating Taste

A Belgium gin with a salty fresh touch thanks to the samphire and lemon. It will truly refresh your senses.

Combine this tonic with the Schweppes Premium Mixer Indian Tonic and have a new favorite tonic. The world’s best gin and tonic option allows you to truly enjoy a uniquely unforgettable flavour profile. You can garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of samphire.

Get one gin bottle and you’ll be become an owner of something rare and special!

Content: 50cl

ABV: 43%

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