Original Belgian Gin. One of the best gin mixtures and design in the world. 

Bardo 27 Gin

The amazing Bardo 27 is a trademark great Belgian gin from Roeselare, named after the bar Bardo. If you are searching for unforgettable taste and premium gin that can really offer you the ultimate great gin taste, this is a must-try.

There is a great sense of history in the gin as well, as Matthias Feys and Heinz Van Roye created this special gin Bardo 27 together. The gin has a light purple color from lavender and exquisite gin bottle design.

Buy a great refreshing good dry gin taste that will relax your senses. Ideal for creating the best gin coctkails.

Other botanicals: juniper, lemon, mint, basil, lime, vanilla, rosemary, dill bald honor, laurel and sage. Bardo 27 has a fine aroma with some spiciness and fresh tones.

Contents: 50 cl

Alcohol: 40%

Taste: Spicy

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