Exclusive gin made in Belgium – Very rare gin, only 3.300 bottles distributed world-wide.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

If you are looking for a truly exclusive gin option, look no further than The Diamond Edition of Double You Gin brand. It is one of the best gin bottles and tastes that are so insanely satisfying.

It includes a magnum bottle of 1.5-liter Double You Gin with a diamond at the bottom of 1/5 carat.

In the beautiful velvet pouch you will find the certificate of authenticity. World-wide acknowledged rare gin that impresses!

DOUBLE YOU GIN have won the highest award: three gold stars

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Eighteen months after the launch of our Double You Gin, who managed to conquer Belgium and the Netherlands in a short time, we got the highest award in terms of taste, quality and appearance.

The price we were recently awarded in response to the Superior Taste Award from more than 120 sommeliers and chefs, selected from the most prestigious culinary association, l'Association de la Sommellerie Internationale and other experts in the beverage world from across Europe.


The equipment for distillation or 'firing' is from a German manufacture. The heating boiler and a fractionating column was carried out in copper, the cooler is made of stainless steel.

The base or the batter is produced in the brewery. Depending on desired product is prepared in a separate grain mixture in the brewery. In this brewery the fermentation also occurs, which is needed for the production of the alcohol.

The capacity per turn is 500 liters, and given the high efficiency of the installation it is possible to achieve all of our distilled products in firing first turn.

In the 500 liter boiler is the "brew" heated. Subsequently, the alcohol / water vapor in the fractionating column is separated until the pure alcohol flows to more than 90 ° from the cooler. Now the distillate is divided into three groups, namely, the flow, the middle or the heart "and trail. Only the purest alcohol, which is the carrier of many flavoring substances and esters will be used.

After determining the amount and degree of alcohol, the alcohol is diluted by the excise department and filled locally.

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