This is a rewarding, memorable and captivating GlenDronach expression for a very special occasion.

Exclusive limited edition: 728/1013

One of the best whiskey we have to offer. Perfect for the ones looking for unique Glendronach grandeur old whiskey and expensive whiskey that truly tastes miraculously.


Bottled in 2010 this was Glendronach's first release of the Grandeur. The whisky bottled as Grandeur has been specially selected by Master Distiller Billy Walker from some of the oldest and most unique Oloroso casks at GlenDronach. Look no further, you are getting the best of the best!

The malts that went into Grandeur have been aged over three decades in the finest sherry wood and the bottling is described by its proud owners as "a classical representation of the smooth, complex and full-bodied style that the GlenDronach Distillery is famous for''.

Rich, fully-satisfying, luxurious, the famous premium old whiskey is available for a special price!

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Tasting Notes:

NOSE - A tremendous concentration of fruits, nuts and berries enveloped in a coffee and mocha glaze. Subtle sweet sherry notes interact beautifully with sticky date pudding aromas.

PALATE - Very big and gusty flavours adorn each mouthful, yet with the perfect balance and refinement. Initial spiced orange flavours and rich old Oloroso sherry are met mid-palate with roasted almonds, coffee and treacle. The dry concentrated flavours from the almonds and the Oloroso sherry are balanced in perfect harmony with sultanas, chocolate and honey.

About Glendronach:

GlenDronach, the sleeping giant, has awoken and is once again an independent distillery.

Independent ownership gives them the freedom to rekindle the reputation of GlenDronach as the distiller of richly sherried single malt whiskies of inimitable and individual character. It’s a reputation that has travelled worldwide – to those in the know, it’s a well-kept secret. The team at GlenDronach have set out on a journey to bring GlenDronach back to life. In April 2009 the famous 12, 15 and 18 year-olds were re-launched, creating the GlenDronach Core Range. Since then, they have developed their portfolio with some interesting wood finishes, excellent single cask bottlings and fantastic additions to the core range.


As was the case in 1826, The GlenDronach Distillery patiently matures its single malt whisky in superior quality sherry casks. Their distilling methods may be old-fashioned, but they prefer to look on them as handcrafted techniques created through nearly 200 years of tradition. From the germination of the barley to the flow of the purest middle cuts of distilled spirit, every step in the GlenDronach journey is taken with meticulous care and immaculate timing.


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