Raw material organic dry gin

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Have a sense of the nature, together with enjoying your favorite sip of gin liquor. This is a very unique natural product based on potatoes. The potato gin can be one-of-a-kind experience eve from the biggest gin fans and adorers. This is a great option if you want to keep your drinks organic and when you want to mix natural gin.

The potatoes as the base of Ground Control 1 provide a soft, creamy and full gin. Ideal for gin cocktails too. Something that will make them taste even more special.

Ground Control One some find too good to drink with tonic. Why not taste of two worlds?

ABV 45%, 50cl

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In total this gin contains 30 botanicals and all of them are distilled at once following the principles of the London Dry Gin. The gin is also a very local product since it's produced in the Flemish region called “Pajottenland” and they choose to use as many local and fresh botanicals as they can.

Nr. One is the first gin that they have developed, after their primal vodka (Boum Patat), for them it was time to create a unique gin based on potatoes. Potatoes grown with love were barely a few hundred meters from their farm.

There are 30 herbs in Ground Control One, besides the typical juniper, coriander and cardamom will make you recognize citrus and elderflower, lime blossom, blueberry, lemon, iris root, angelica ...

Ideal with:

Tonic: Premium Schweppes mixer or the original Schweppes Ginger & Cardamon

Garnish: a slice of apple or go the spicy tour with a sprig of thyme and rosemary

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