Tiny batch dry gin, distilled from raw materials made by real farmers in Belgium

Limited Edition

This is crafted specially for the gin lovers, but can also be served as a good gin option in gin cocktails.

Fan of organic alcohol? This natural gin is also for you since it is a very unique natural product based on corn.

The name of the gin refers to the David Bowie song "Ground Control". The Belgian gin tastes legendary, just like this renowned and astounding singer.

Let's hope Major Tom also gets a chance to enjoy this honest, artisanal, gluten free and natural gin!

Gluten free alcohol in its finest form!

ABV 45%, 50cl

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In total this gin contains 30 botanicals and all of them are distilled at once following the principles of the London Dry Gin. The gin is also a very local product since it's produced in the Flemish region called Pajottenland and they choose to use as many local and fresh botanicals as they can.

For Ground Control 3 they used corn raw material, what is giving a 'sweeter/softer’ alcohol. Inspired by American moonshine and whiskey, combined with citrus accents including bergamot, sweet and bitter oranges, as well as iris root, verbena, lemon grass, ...

Ground Control 3, you can drink with a neutral tonic, preferably with a fine bubble like the Schweppes Premium mixer. Combine this with a best of lemon and orange and lots of ice for a long sultry summer evening.

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