Tiny batch dry gin, distilled from raw materials made by real farmers in Belgium.

Limited edition

Very unique natural product based on wheat. It is indeed one of the most unique gin alcohol tastes you will ever experience. Based on gluten free alcohol it is a safe healthy option too. 

Ground Control gin 4, we like to combine with Schweppes Premium Mixer hibiscus. This coupled with piece of red fruits such as strawberry or raspberry. Imagine yourself as you are in our “Pajottenland” between the cornfields.

The gluten free gin can be a great base for some captivating gin cocktails. One thing is for sure, you will have an organic, beautiful and exclusive gin liquor by your side with the Ground Control gin 4.

ABV 45%, 50cl

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In total this gin contains 30 botanicals and all of them are distilled at once following the principles of the London Dry Gin. The gin is also a very local product since it's produced in the Flemish region called Pajottenland and they choose to use as many local and fresh botanicals as they can.

When they developed the “Four” they thought back to the origins of gin, the real Flemish old gin. 100% grain alcohol from wheat, distilled in addition to the typical gin botanicals, 7 flours: cornflower, marigold, orange blossom and especially here much present elderflower. They try to pick this as much as possible during the season and let dry.

Ground Control 4 match perfect with Schweppes Original Premium Mixer.

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