Exclusive gin from Antwerp, Belgium! One of the best gins this year – a must-try!


44% ABV, 500 ml, handcrafted gin

This is not a regular gin, or something that you can find in your local store. This gin has a captivating storyline for its creation and can be proudly called one of the best Belgian gin.


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Hentho is a new handcrafted Belgium gin by the Antwerp Gin Company, a small father and son (Hendrik and Thomas) company. They strongly believe in the importance of small scale, locally produced, hand crafted, quality products that make people happy. They therefor selected a unique blend of, mostly, organic grown spices and herbs. The most important are juniper, coriander, fresh lemon grass, cardamom, black pepper, fresh kaffir leaves and angelica. The remaining botanicals be saved as a real "family secret."

Why this gin is amazing

Combining these with the finest alcohol, water and the most important ingredients, are love and passion, they produce small batches of a 44%, amber colored, handcrafted gin with the brand name HenTho. One of those gin brands that deeply cares about providing quality and good gin in each bottle.

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