A special edition 3L - ABV 40-43%

Super rare 1 of 300!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an unrivalled masterpiece. It is an exquisite blend made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks has the exclusive quality, character and flavour to deliver the’ remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. An extraordinary whisky for extraordinary occasions. A lot of people fly in to the Johnnie Walker House at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to buy this exclusive Whisky.

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From the West, a lineage of Scotch Whisky dating back nearly 200 years. From the East, the magnetism of a refined artistic legacy. The Willow Collection narrates the story of Johnnie Walker’s epic journey from Scotland to China in 1910. The square porcelain bottle references the traditional blue-on-white Willow pattern used in Chinese porcelain. Unfolding like a pictorial scroll along its four sides, it depicts this compelling encounter of East and West. The Beijing Edition features distinctive artwork exclusive to the Johnnie Walker House Beijing.

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Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky owned by Diageo that originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. It is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost every country, with annual sales of over 130 million bottles.

Blue Label: Johnnie Walker's premium 80–86 proof (40–43% ABV) blend with no age statement. Johnnie Walker Blue Label, also known as Max Walker, is blended to recreate the character and taste of some of the earliest whisky blends created in the 19th century. Bottles are numbered serially and sold in a silk-lined box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. It is one of the most expensive blended Scotches on the market.


The story of Johnnie Walker begins - naturally enough - with the man who gave our whisky his name. The year was 1819 and John Walker’s father had just died. A tough start for a humble farm lad, you might think, but there was always something special about John. A glint in his eye, a fire in his belly, a spring in step perhaps.

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€2 999,00
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