Surprisingly modern elderflower liqueur

RoomeR is one of the most impressive affordable liquors introduced in the last few years. It conquered the market as a surprisingly modern elderflower liqueur that will surely become one of your favorite alcohol drinks, mostly because of its amazing refreshing aroma. This is a great gift pack for along with this great liquor.

If you are searching for a wine glass gifts or champagne glass gifts, or you don’t know what to buy as a liquor gift, try this exquisite RoomeR Gift pack, one of the most exciting alcohol gift sets.

RoomeR is one of a kind. Indeed, it is neither wine or gin or liqueurs. It's Roomer Experience the taste.

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RoomeR is a mondern alcoholic drink (ABV 14.9%).

It's made from elderflower and some secret seasonings that smells like spring and joy of live.

It's delicious as an aperitif but also by the dessert or in cocktails late into the night.

Two brothers Jeroen and Maarten Michels, from the Belgian city Ghent, started as young teenagers experimenting with herbs in grandma's baththub. By experimenting with flavours and searching for the right taste, they found an ancient recipe in herbal books and wisdom of their grandmother. Today they still swear by small scale craftsmanship, 100% natural and artisan. From the cultivation of the flowers to even manually putting every flowerleaf by tweezer in the bulbous bottles. 

Experience the tase.

RoomeR starts quite sweet in the mouth but quickly turns into a blast of fresh blossom aromas. The most important step in the production of RoomeR is the maceration process. That crucial process ensures that the residual sugars get the delicious taste of the flowers.

Not yet fully recovered from the surprisingly fresh touch thanks to our pick fresh flowers, there is in a second phase a hint of nutmeg - which makes us think about premium lychee wines. A very balanced acidity puts all palates at work and brings in a third phase tastes of vermouth on surface - an amazing dry but full aftertaste.

RoomeR is a very balanced moisture. It doesn't leave you with a sticky mouth. So, never talk to Jeroen and Maarten about their liqueur or fruit gin, it will make them shiver. No chemical essences camouflaged with syrup for them. They go for real the real stuff!

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