X-Gin delivered with gadget package. Truthful, unforgettable, amazingly pleasing quality gin taste!

Gin for the Queens, Gods and Kings. See why X-Gin is one of the best gin brands for decades.

X-Gin, a pure Aphrodisiac

X-Gin is an herbal gin that combines juniper berry with 15 herbs and several of the best spices known to man. If you are looking for a great flavoured gin, then you must try this X-Gin accompanied with the lovely gin set.

It has the taste of passion with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla. Use the premium gin glasses to enhance your gin enjoyment.

It’s pure and soft aromas provoke an intense feeling of pleasure.

ABV: 47%

The package includes: 1 bottle X-Gin (50cl) + 2 acryl glasses + 1 bottle opener

+ 1 jigger + 2 premium tonics

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It was a time of Incas and Mayas.

A time of death by sacrifice and heavenly thirst that needed to be quenched. So the kings and queens gave order to the brewing masters to brew a godly nectar.

They created a secret recipe of which is known that it contained the slightest hint of cocoa. They called it ‘Xocoatl’. It was only meant to be enjoyed by kings, queens and Gods. It brought the gift of long life, intelligence and it instilled passion in those who had the fortune to drink it.

According to legend it was the world’s first aphrodisiac. And so the Xocoatl recipe was revived and brought back as the X-Gin.


The passion for experimentation and chocolate is a constant in Peter's life. As Master Patissier and Chocolatier Peter Messely has had training in Belgium and abroad. His credentials are mega: Wittamer (Brussels), Le Nôtre (Paris) and Richmond Fachschule (Lucerne). Peter’s creativity and sense to experiment with chocolate led, among other things, to create the X-Gin.

His mission?

Delivering pleasure with chocolate to the people worldwide and bring them a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

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