Let's party, it's Gin o' clock. Get this alluring combination of the most quality best in brands, gin glasses and set packed in a premium & beautiful box. 

X-Gin, a pure Aphrodisiac

It is surely one of the best gin presents you will give to your friends or family as well.

Everything you may need to try out quality gin and make gin based shots and cocktails is included here.

Let the party start with X-Gin!

X-mas box:

X-Gin bottle 50cl

1 Icebucket

1 Acryl glass

Delivered with special giftbox

ABV. 46%, 50cl

€69,69 | Buying options

*excl. shipping cost depending on country

X-Gin combines juniper berry with 15 herbs and several of the best spices known to man.
It has the taste of passion with a hint of cocoa and the tiniest whiff of vanilla.
Its pure and soft aromas provoke an intense feeling of pleasure.

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*excl. shipping cost depending on country
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