Privacy Statement Dalvos

1. Definitions

  • 'Responsible Party' means the person responsible for processing personal data, as indicated in article 3.
  • 'Website' means the website where You entered Your personal data.
  • 'User', 'You' or 'Your' means any natural person who enters personal data on the Website.
  • 'Interactive Use' means any use of the Website whereby You actively enter personal data on the Website, either by filling in an electronic form or otherwise.
  • 'Non-Interactive Use' means any use that cannot be regarded as Interactive Use.
  • ‘Third Party’ means the natural person or legal entity, the public authority, administration or any other organisation, not being the User, nor the Responsible Party, nor the persons that are under the direct control of the Responsible Party entitled to process the data.
  • ‘External Service Provider’: Service providers which are appointed by the Responsible Party to deliver the goods and services. These include for example payment service providers, transport companies, debt companies and e-mail or newsletter senders.
  • 'Privacy Act' means the Act of 8 December 1992 concerning privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

2. Scope

Any visit to and use of the Website is subject to this Privacy Statement. By entering personal data on the Website the User confirms cognizance and acceptance of the contents of the Privacy Statement.

The Privacy Statement may be amended without prior notice. It is advisable to view the Privacy Statement on every visit.

3. Party responsible for processing

The Website is owned and managed by Dalvos BVBA with its registered office at Sint Lenardsstraat 34, 8380 Dudzele, Belgium, entered in the National Database of Enterprises under number 0655.841.942. You can reach the Responsible Party by telephone +32 50 544 178  and by e-mail For the purposes of the Privacy Act, Dalvos BVBA must be regarded as the 'Party Responsible for Processing'.

4. Processed data

4.1 Not-Interactive Use

When used for purely Non-Interactive Use no personal data will be processed within the meaning of the Privacy Act.

4.2 Interactive Use

When Interactive Use is made of the Website, including creation of a profile and placing of an order for products via the website, the personal data entered by the User during the registration procedure will be processed. Depending on the Website function used by the User, this personal data will consist of:

  • surname and first name;
  • postal address;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number (landline or mobile);
  • date of birth
  • language

By making Interactive Use of the website, the User explicitly gives permission for the processing of personal data that he enters.

4.3 Cookies

Cookies will be used during Non-Interactive Use and Interactive Use of the Website. Cookies record general data concerning Your surfing on the Website (such as viewed pages, date and time of viewing and search criteria used). Among other things this information allows the website to recognise a returning Visitor and to show adapted contents. You can disable the use of cookies by altering the cookie setting in the configuration menu of Your web browser.

5. Purposes of processing

The Responsible Party will process personal data received via this Website and account for the following purposes:

  • communication with the User;
  • management of the User's profile;
  • processing of orders;
  • organising of after-sales service;
  • simplification of access to the Website (by means of cookies);
  • communication for direct marketing purposes (such as a newsletter).

6. Recipiënts an categories of recipiënts of the data

Depending on the purpose of and need for processing, the processed personal data may be made known to the following recipients:

  • the User personally;
  • the Responsible Party;
  • In case You make a payment to Dalvos BVBA: the financial institution and payment service provider that handle the payment towards Dalvos BVBA;
  • In the case of an online order and only for the purpose of sending the purchased goods: the transport company which handles the shipment for Dalvos BVBA.

The aforementioned recipients will always process the received personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

7. Right of access, correction and objection

The User has the right to information about:

  • the existence or non-existence of operations for processing his personal data;
  • the actual purposes of those processing operations;
  • the categories of data that are the object of the processing operations;
  • the categories of recipients to whom the data was disclosed.


At the User’s request the processed data may be made known to him in a comprehensible form, together with all information available about the origin of the data.

The User has the right to make free of charge any corrections to any personal data that concern him personally.

Under the circumstances described in Section 12, §1, of the Privacy Act, the User has the right to object to further processing of personal data. If the objection concerns personal data used for direct marketing, the User may object free of charge and without stating reasons.

To exercise any of the rights stated in this article, the User must send a postmarked and signed request to the Responsible Party. The information will be made known to the User without delay and in all instances not later than forty-five days after receipt of the request



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