Unleash the power of your iPhone's camera for much better pictures, time after time!

Probably the best iPhone camera-grip ever built.

The camera quality of the iPhone is already amazing, but you probably do not take full advantage of all the features. To enhance your photography skills, the Miggo Pictar Camera Grip is indispensable. The Pictar is linked to your iPhone by using an app. The Pictar Grip is an advanced case that covers the iPhone in part. Through the case, your iPhone gets the physical buttons of a SLR camera, which makes the camera easy to use.

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Many features are inspired by the features of the SLR camera, such as the shutter button. These squeeze you halfway to focus and view the exposure or composition. To create a photo press the shutter button just like any other camera all the way in. Ideally, this feature is also used for shooting with gloves, which is not possible in the normal camera function on your iPhone. The zoom ring makes it possible to zoom with one hand and, if possible, also be used for other functions. Because the zoom ring is just in front of the shutter button, this feature also needs to be used with only one hand. With one click on the zoom ring, you get in the self-mode.

In addition to the zoom ring there is also a rotary button for brightness. This feature gives you control over exposure before you take the picture. When you manually turn on the exposure, you can also change the ISO values. Incidentally, there are also other features that can be assigned to the brightness wheel manually if you like it. In addition to all these features, there is also the smart wheel, where you can switch from auto mode to, for example, portrait, landscape, video, selfie or sport mode. For advanced photographers, manual mode is an important feature.

With the ergonomic and aesthetic design, this case does not matter to the iconic iPhone design of your iPhone. It just adds that ease of use to your iPhone camera - for all features, you only need one hand. But also, you get better quality photography, because the sturdy grip makes sharper photos. So whether you are doing a lot of photography and have discovered that the quality of the iPhone camera does not impact on a SLR camera, or you want to be more photographic and want to make full use of all of your iPhone's features, the Miggo Pictar Camera Grip will undoubtedly give you amazing pictures.


The tripod is not included.

*excl. shipping cost depending on country