Legal Disclosures DALVOS

1. Definitions

  • 'Manager' means the natural or personal legal person who operates the Website, as indicated in article 3.
  • 'Website' means the Website where You found these Legal Disclosures.
  • 'Visitor', 'You' or 'Your' means any natural person or legal person who visits the Website.

2. Scope

Every visit to and use of the Website is subject to these Legal Disclosures. By visiting or using any of our Websites You automatically accept these Legal Disclosures. If You decline to accept the Legal Disclosures You must leave the Website immediately.

Dalvos BVBA reserves the right to amend at any time the conditions stated on the Website, including these Legal Disclosures. It is advisable to view the Legal Disclosures on every visit.

3. Information about Dalvos BVBA

The Website is managed and operated by Dalvos BVBA, with its registered office at Sint Lenardsstraat 34, 8380 Dudzele - Brugge, Belgium.

Dalvos BVBA is entered in the National Database of Enterprises under company number 0655.841.942 and VAT identification number BE0655.841.942.

4. Contact details

For general information You may contact the general office of Dalvos BVBA in the following ways:

Telephone BE: +32 478 938 438
For complaints You can reach the After-Sales department of Dalvos BVBA in the following ways:
Telephone BE: +32 478 938 438

5. Description and purpose of the website

Dalvos BVBA offers you mainly the following services on the Website:

  • information without commitment about the business of Dalvos BVBA and the products and/or services that it offers;
  • a purchasing platform – WebShop – usable by You to order products and/or services;
  • a communication platform for communication between You and Dalvos BVBA that you can use to submit all information requests and to conduct any kind of communication with Dalvos BVBA.

6. Usage

Dalvos BVBA may deny You access without prior notice if You violate these Legal Disclosures or use the Website for unauthorised or illegal purposes.

7. Languages

You can view the Website in English. On the Website You can conclude an agreement in English.

8. Costs for the use of technology for distance communication

Undiminished the costs incurred by your internet provider for internet acces, the Manager will not charge any costs for the use of technology for distance communication in order to conclude an agreement,

9.Technical steps for establishing a contract

Contracts can be concluded on the Website in the following way:

  • select the required products and place them in Your virtual shopping cart;
  • before deciding whether to complete and accept Your purchase, You will receive a final overview (= 'Overview screen') where you can spot and amend any data entry errors;
  • now submit a payment request;
  • You will subsequently receive an e-mail that confirms that Your order and Your payment were processed successfully (= 'Confirmation e-mail').
  • After this e-mail You will receive the delivery of Your order at home, in accordance with the agreed delivery time.

10. Offering

Dalvos BVBA does its utmost to ensure that the products and/or services that it presents online are in complete conformity with those that it actually has available. However, it is impossible to rule out that products and/or services marked available on the Website will be unavailable at the time of the visit to the Website. Therefore, Dalvos BVBA presents its products and/or services online merely for information purposes without being contractually binding. Dalvos BVBA cannot be held liable for the unavailability of any products.

Dalvos BVBA describes its products and/or services and presents them on the Website with the greatest possible care. However, Dalvos BVBA cannot guarantee that certain details of its offerings will remain unchanged over time. Despite precautions it is impossible to rule out errors in the presentation of offered products and/or services and, if they occur, Dalvos BVBA cannot be held liable for them.

Photographs and details published on the Website (such as stated sizes, properties and similar) are stated purely as a guide and will not establish any contractual obligations on the part of Dalvos BVBA. Under no circumstances whatsoever can Dalvos BVBA be held liable based on the content or method of presentation of photos published on its websites.

11. Prices

Prices and costs published on the Website are in Euro. Dalvos BVBA states all prices with the utmost care, but material mistakes are always possible. All prices published on the Website are subject to change due to material mistakes or incorrectly stated prices.

12. Intellectual property rights

By using the Website You explicitly acknowledge that the provided information and details are and will remain the property of Dalvos BVBA. This Website and its layout, texts, logos, images and other items as well as the selection and design thereof are protected by copyright, trademark, software and database laws. Except with the prior written permission of Dalvos BVBA, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, disclose publicly, modify, change or use or exploit in any other way any part of this Website, in full or in part, in any form or by any means whatsoever.

The names, brands, trade names, images and logos used on the Website, especially but not confined to the aforementioned list, are brands and/or trade names protected by law and owned by Dalvos BVBA. Permission to use this Website does not imply permission to use the brands and names stated on the site. Any use of them or similar brands and names is strictly prohibited unless with the prior written permission of Dalvos BVBA.

Infringement of the aforementioned rights will give Dalvos BVBA the right to institute any action that it deems appropriate under criminal or civil law.

13. Privacy

More information concerning the privacy policy of Dalvos BVBA can be found in our Privacy Statement. You can view the statement on the following page:


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