Fantastic champagne in flower shaped bottle. Only for real champagne lovers!



Royal, elegant and sophisticated! This is a real representation of exclusive champagne.

The Venoge Cuvée Louis XV is intensely gold, illuminated by bright flashes. It looks and feels truly amazing. Just one hold and sip from it, can make anyone’s day!

Its delectably vanilla nose is voluptuous, elegant and racy. It will always leave you wanting for more, it is that fantastic!

The palate is paradox of fine, intense aromas, all at once warm, insistent, fresh and highly evolved. Ranked by many as the best champagne in the world or at least one of the best champagne currently at that price range.

Unforgettable fascinating champagne!

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The family de Venoge comes from Switzerland. They were a noble family that entered the wine business at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1837, Henri-Marc de Venoge moved to the Champagne region and decided to create his own house to produce exceptionel champagnes destined for the great society of the 19th century, the kings and queens of Europe.

Cuvée Louis XV 2006 is the prestige cuvee from Champagne de Venoge. It's only produced in very great years. This blend of 50% pinot noir and 50% chardonnay is absolutely representive of the 2006 vintage. Matured in the cellars for 8 years to develop its aromas, it is a fine tribute to the exceptional qualities and fine skills of the cellar master.

The name celebrates Louis XV because he issued a decree that allowed the wines of champagnes to both shipped and markted in bottle, rather than by barrel. He gave the Champagne area its most precious gift, the birth certificate of champagne. The foam creation could finally take place in the bottle: champagne was born!

The bottle of the Cuvée Louis XV is in the form of a carafe with a rounded base and a narrow neck which perfectly concentrates all the aromas.

The champagne Louis XV 2006 is presented in a superb blue gift casket that is very appriciated among champagne lovers.



Volume: 75 cl
Type: white champagne brut
Chateau: Le Venoge
ABV: 12,5%
Origin: France, Champagne
Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Ideal serving T: 9°C
Drinkabale: 2016-2030


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