Drinkin’ in the dark - Stunning original Don Pérignon 2006 in a spectacular bottle

Luminous label

Dom Pérignon is a pure resemblance of style and luxurious taste. That is the case with this Dom Pérignon 2006 Luminous, which packs the already spectacular taste in one-of-a-kind bottle design. Create and experience a remarkable moment in your life with a bottle of champagne with lovely visual effect.

The whole design is no wonder as Dom Pérignon Luminous is known for its distinctive light up bottle, which literally glows in the dark creating a splendid effect.

It functional too, as the mechanic of the light is hidden at the base of the bottle and is fully waterproof, meaning the iconic crest can glow green for hours on end, whilst the bubbles inside remain chilled. One thing is for sure, neon fluorescence has never been so refined!

Take your parties and enjoyment to another level with something special from a vintage champagne turned into something so sophisticated and fresh.

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Dom Pérignon Champagne is committed to perfection, based upon a vision to create the best wine in the world. Always a vintage wine, the commitment to vintages is absolute: Dom Pérignon is made from only the best grapes and is declared only in the most exceptional years.

The 2006 vintage is a perfect mix of the finest Chardonnay (47%) and Pinot Gris (53%) grapes. It’s loaded with stylish aromas of citrus, artisanal bread, green apple, mineral and pear, this is quite dry and vibrantly refreshing on the palate. Expect to be impressed!


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